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Sound Therapy

Healing through sound has been around for thousands of years. We are all aware of the Native American Medicine Man with his chanting and drumming. The Buddhist monks with their incredibly vibratory chants, and tools such as the singing bowls and bells, the African Witch Doctor who uses his rattle and his voice to bring about healing changes in his patient, the didgeridoo of the Original People of Australia, and the Tibetan tradition of Toning, using vowel sounds and harmonics to name but a few.

Toning and Harmonics has become more or less accepted as an alternative healing modality these days and it isn’t too hard to find someone who practises this form or healing.  In a healing group it can be truly beneficial, and be a great way of bonding or just having fun, whilst at the same time someone is receiving a very potent form of healing.There are practitioners who work on a one-to-one basis and are very effective, and CDs are also available.

Toning which is the culmination of so many variables in the group, such as pitch, volume, duration creates a constant sound vibration,  and a synergy which can be truly awesome.

Harmony is the pleasant relationship of two or more notes, and in a healing group along with the intention to heal can be quite beautiful.

 The Sound Bath is a lovely healing exercise for group work. .A volunteer, or someone who is nominated by the group as recipient is asked to lay down either on the floor in the centre of the group, or on a massage table placed in the centre of the circle  (The receiver is given instruction to raise their hand if they have had enough, need to pause, or aren’t comfortable in any way, so that they have control over the process.


 It’s good to cover the recipient with some kind of sheet or colour therapy cloth, which may create a feeling of security for them.

All it takes is for someone to start, and each person then follows when they are ready.  The vowel sound of “Ah” seems to be comfortable for most people, and as each person has a different lung capacity and has started at staggered times there is usually a constant sound vibration happening. The “toners” may use their hands in whichever way they feel most comfortable—directing energy via the palms of the hands can increase the healing vibrations, and even more so if the toning is performed after a meditation or vibration-lifting exercise. 

Toning is a wonderful and enriching experience, for the group and the recipient,  strong emotional experiences for the “toners” as heart centres have opened or expanded, as well as very real and profound healing experiences for the recipients have often occurred.

The toning usually and naturally dies out almost of it’s own accord and the group can then mentally give thanks for the healing in their own way, and finish, or invite someone else to become recipient.



Spiritual Healing

The ability is in us all.  What wakens it is a desire to heal and a willingness to serve.  Many people, particularly in the caring professions are healers unconsciously.

Spiritual healing - Laying on of Hands or Hands-on-Healing, is tuning in to the God Force - White Light,  Angels of Light, what ever you conceive the origin of Life and Creation to be, and channeling that force, that energy,  with the intention to be of service to your fellow beings.


An ability to meditate and key into that level of consciousness
where we can access the higher vibrations of energy that are
inherent in Spiritual Healing is an absolute

We tune in by opening our heart and mind to the Creator, the Divine Source. placing our hands on the person’s shoulders (standing behind them) closing our eyes (if it is comfortable for you) relaxing and first of all, mentally reciting the following prayer (or a prayer of your own) that gives you a feeling of being within Sacred Space, and of Divine protection.

"The White Light of Divine protection surrounds me now, sealing out all negative thoughts and experience. Only goodness and purity can penetrate this wonderful light. And I will send only goodness out through it. Thank you Mother Father Creator, "The One True Source of all Creation" for this perfect protection"


"Mother Father Creator God
I ask for the privilege of being
a clear and open channel
In order to bring healing energies to
.......(person's name)…..
To be used in whichever way is best
Thy will Lord,  not mine be done."


You may feel some kind of sensation in your hands, they may get hot, tingly, or heavy (some channel’s hands grow cold) Just stay relaxed.

In your mind’s eye see Divine-Light flowing into you through your crown and out through your hands, into the person you are working on (you may see colours such as violet or green they are all  healing energies) Focus on feelings of love and compassion towards the person, and on the interconnectedness of all things see yourself and this person as one and one with the Divine Source, with All  that is.

Holding your hands open, palm down and together over the crown of the head for a few minutes will firm your connection,  then spend a few minutes on each of the following the brow, the sides of the head/temples, under the chin on the throat, on the front of the shoulders. A gentle light touch is adequate, it isn’t necessary to  “force the healing energies in”


So far you’ve worked on the crown, brow, throat Chakras, and via the front of the shoulders, the chest area.

Now go with what you feel. You can scan down the back for signs of malfunction at each of the chakra points and work accordingly.

You may also be in contact with your guides and teachers, and may have inspiration from them, so just be open and willing to “stand aside” as it were, and be a clear  and open channel.

There are some good affirmations to use whilst healing that keep a healer open to detachment such as:-

“I am one with my All that is, I am one with all things”

“Of myself I do nothing, only through the "One True Source of all Creation" are all things possible”

“I am a clear and open channel”

“I am a perfect channel for  'The One True Source' to do its perfect work”

15 or 20  minutes at a time is sufficient, and even if you don’t seem to be doing a great deal of immediate good for the physical condition, with Spiritual Healing you are touching the Spirit, and there is almost always a feeling of peace, and an easing of anxiety or stress for the person you are working on.  Sometimes a person subconsciously doesn’t want  to be healed, or it is their time to leave this world, and if this is the case you will still be doing immeasurable good in helping their spirit to cleanse and prepare for it’s ‘transition’

Finish each session by focusing on feelings of gratitude and mentally giving thanks for the healing, believing that it has indeed taken place, which it has. Then gently close down the flow feeling and tune out. Finish with your hands on the person’s shoulders, and by giving them a loving squeeze along with the  intention that the person is now grounded,  you will indicate that the session is finished and they can “wake up.”

Quite often, but not always, the person will experience some kind of emotional expression, they may just gently cry while you are working on them, or directly afterwards, or, a day or two later they may go through a “weep” sort of period.  This is normal and just means that they are going through a cleansing on a very deep level, and an emotional clear-out.

The above description is for a seated patient.  Using a massage table, the technique is the same, though you would be able to use your hands over the heart and abdomen, or wherever you may be impressed to place them. The person being fully clothed and covered by a sheet or large towel.

After working on anyone it is wise to wash your hands through water if it is available, if not, rub them together and give them a quick shake, as a cleansing process

Of the utmost importance in Spiritual Healing is recognising and accepting that you are merely a “channel”, a conduit for the healing energies.  You don’t heal—"All that is, was, and ever will be" (or whatever you may consider the Divine Source to be) is the healer.
You are the instrument only.  Blessings to you.


Music for self-healing

Choose your music well.  Every differing genre of music holds within it a distinct energy, which can be revitalising and up-lifting, or draining, and sometimes even evoke anger and pain.  Your physical bodies are actually a seething mass of pulsating ever changing vibrational frequencies which will merge into, and flood you with,  negative or positive frequencies held in the music you listen to.

All music creates an energy form as it is played and actually moves into and through your physical and etheric bodies.

(In meditation it is possible to see these energy forms)

As you all know music can envelope you in warmth and comfort; fill you with nostalgia, grief, or compassion and love. It can also heal physical and spiritual hurts, or it can sap you of strength and vitality, and lower your general vibrations—opening you up to negative influences.

Notes on the musical scale all have their own frequency, (as does all creation) and as they are combined in groups, they are constantly becoming another energy form and another, moving through you, merging and blending with your inner being as you listen.


As musical notes vibrate at their own frequency they also have their own colour vibration.  The following is just a very simplified view of one of many different perceptions of correspondences. Energy centre (Chakra)/ colour / note


Visual Music  ~  Jazzz...
©Christine B Hardman



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